Nominating Committee – To volunteer, contact Winema Jackson

Advocacy Committee – To volunteer, contact Diane Busch

Enrichment Events Committee -To volunteer, contact Tonya Kirk

Family Partnership Committee – Helps form connections between families and encourages parents to be a part of their children’s school. Sponsors events such as Fourth Friday play dates, movie night, and a talent show. To volunteer, contact Crystal Smith.

Healthy Living Committee – Provides opportunities for growth, learning, and confidence building to students of Morehead through individual and group physical activity. Promotes behaviors for life-long healthy living. To volunteer, contact Jodi Koviach.

Membership Committee – Promotes and manages PTA membership and volunteer opportunities. To volunteer, contact Sue Mathias.

Grounds and Beautification Committee – Responsible for the beautification of the school grounds. Organizes volunteer work days to help maintain and enhance the school’s grounds. To volunteer, contact Celeste Burns.

Staff Appreciation Committee – Organizes events that help parents show their appreciation for the teachers and staff and all that they do for our children and school. To volunteer, contact Megan Johnson.

Clubs Committee – To volunteer, contact Luciana Fellin

Science Fair Committee – To volunteer, contact Diane Busch

Website Committee – Maintains the Morehead PTA website. To volunteer, contact Jillian Johnson

School Improvement Team – To volunteer, contact Katy Bartlett