Donations & Payments


Use the donation button in the sidebar to make a donation to your PTA at any time. We thank you for your generosity!
By default, if you do not specify a program or teacher/classroom, your donation will go to the general fund. If you wish to direct your donation to a particular program or teacher/classroom, please be specific about your wishes in the “Direct my donation to” area of the final checkout page in Paypal. You will enter the total amount of your donation on one screen, make sure you are logged in. Paypal will ask you to review your donation. Click the blue plus-sign to open the text area where you can type your instructions, as shown below.




PTA Membership – $5.00 per parent (plus 11 cents each for Paypal processing if you pay online). Please note that while you can pay for your PTA membership here, you will need to also fill out the form below and submit it or fill out the paper membership form and return it to school. 

Birthday Book Club – $20 per student (plus 44 cents each for Paypal processing if you pay online).  





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