The Morehead PTA needs you! Our strength lies in the participation as many members of our community as possible. We hope that every parent will commit to giving at least two hours of time over the course of the school year. There are a lot of ways that you can get involved and help out: at an event or behind the scenes, every week or just once during the year, during school hours or in the off-hours, at school or at home (or somewhere else!)… there is a place and a job for everyone.

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Also, you can start by filling out the forms listed below.

  1. Join the PTA. Print and fill out the membership form, then return it to school in the PTA box in the front office or send it in your child’s folder along with your membership dues.
  2. In some cases, in order to volunteer at the school, you must first fill out a volunteer form from Durham Public Schools. (If you do not have an email address, you can fill out a paper application and mail it to the address on the form.)
  3. Let us know how you’d most like to help by filling out the volunteer form for the PTA.

Then, browse the list of committees to decide what interests you most. Or pick an event and volunteer to help out!

  • Advocacy (Contact Sejal Zota to join this committee.)
    The Advocacy committee’s goals for the year include

    • recruiting teacher members
    • planning an ‘advocacy-themed’ PTA meeting
    • collaborating with other Durham Advocacy Chairs
    • introducing interested teachers to Organizing 2020, a grassroots organizing campaign.
  • Clubs (Contact  Luciana Fellin to join this committee.)
    The Clubs committee’s goals for the year include

    • keeping Chess club active and ongoing
    • achieving more parental involvement
    • coordinating a link with DPS after-school programs.
  • Communications (Contact Amy Jenniches to join this committee.)
    The Communications committee maintains the website, the Facebook page, and oversees email communications for the PTA. Our goals for the year include

    • streamlining communications channels
    • relying more on the website and Facebook to maintain open communication with parents.

  • Enrichment Events (Contact Tonya Kirk to join this committee.)
  • Family Partnership (We are seeking a committee chair for this important role. Contact Amy Cummings if you are interested in taking on this role.)
    The Family Partnership committee helps form connections between families and encourages parents to be a part of their children’s school. The committee sponsors events such as the Popsicle Playdate and early release play dates.
  • Grounds and Beautification (Contact Celeste Burns to join this committee.)
    This committee is responsible for the beautification of the school grounds. It organizes volunteer work days to help maintain and enhance the school’s grounds. Goals for the year include

    • expanding the educational/teaching garden by adding new beds on the playgound behind the swings
    • composting garden debris
    • adding additional shrubs in front of the school and gravel at the waiting area
    • supporting after school gardening and staff interest
    • increasing the number of garden work days to engage more families and volunteers.
  • Healthy Living (Contact Jodi Koviach to join this committee.)
    This committee provides opportunities for growth, learning, and confidence building to students of Morehead through individual and group physical activity. It seeks to promote behaviors for life-long healthy living.
  • Membership (Contact Sue Mathias to join this committee.)
    The Membership committee promotes and manages PTA membership and volunteer opportunities.

  • Nominating (Contact Winema Jackson to join this committee.)
  • School Improvement Team (Contact Katy Bartlett to join this team.)
  • Staff Appreciation (Contact Megan Johnson to join this committee.)
    Goals for the Staff Appreciation committee for this year include:

    • trying to do more smaller ‘events’ outside of the main Staff Appreciation week to make our teachers feel appreciated all year long
    • encouraging participation in Staff Appreciation week

  • Sustainability (Contact Susan Daily to join this committee.)
    Goals for the Sustainability committee for this year include

    • incorporate recycling into each classroom, including specials, gym and cafeteria, making sure that the infrastructure is in place
    • explore composting cafeteria waste
    • educate the community about water and energy conservation
    • Green Club: lunchtime lecture once a month with older kids.